The US-Russia conflict arising from the Ukraine crisis has not ended but the United States has fallen into another dispute with China over the sovereignty issue in the South China Sea and the internet security problem. But a new cold war seems to be looming as China and Russia have teamed up to counter the United States.

The relations between Russia and China entered a rare honeymoon stage after Russian president Vladimir Putin visited China and Beijing hosted the Summit of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA). Additionally, China and Russia have signed a natural-gas deal worth US$456 billion and have held a joint military exercise in the East China Sea.

The new cold war, focusing on economic and political interests, is different from that of the last century, which had its emphasis on military confrontation.

China and Russia’s formation of a military alliance not only strengthens China’s position of influence, but also highlights the emerging economies led by the BRICS nations, as US dominance declines.

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