Before buying an air pistol know that they are five types of air pistols out there, we in this article will be discussing the different types of air pistols and their advantages you need to know before you buy air gun in the market.

Spring powder air rifle

In the spring powder air rifle, you can see a piston and a coiled spring in the chamber. The spring is compressed when the cock is pressured. The spring them decompress and allows the pistol to make movements and then the pellet is released, which forces the pellet to move from the force of pressurized air. Spring powder air rifle is simple to use and cheap. On shot to the shot basis, it is accurate and powerful. This is one of the best air pistol and its parts are easily available in the market. Although it requires practice, once you get the hang of it, it is easy to operate.

Gas piston air rifle

A gas piston gun works the same way as the spring piston. The gas piston has a gas-filled cylinder which compresses when you apply pressure; the pressurized air later builds the tension unless you release the trigger. Gas pistons can be much longer than spring guns, they are generally lighter than spring guns and has fewer recoils which do not vibrate while you shoot. This gas gun is hard to find, and also if the gas leaks the gun does not work.

Precharged Pneumatic air rifle

Precharged Pneumatic allows high-pressure air in the chamber which propels with force to discharge pellet. It has no recoils, compact, high accuracy, and power; it is especially effective with larger caliber bullets. This gun allows you to shoot the second quickly if you miss the first one. A precharged pneumatic gun is much more expensive than other types of guns as it requires constant charging.

Variable pump air rifle

A variable pump gun has a piston and a pressure cylinder when the air between the piston and the cylinder is compressed. This compressed air later is forced into the cylinder and when the trigger is pulled the pellet forces out due to compressed air. Variable pump air pistol allows you have good control over the power of each shot, it is a compact, lightweight and recoilless air pistol which requires no pumping.

CO2 air rifle

CO2 air rifle uses carbon dioxide cartridges to source the powder instead of pressurized gas. When the trigger is pulled, the CO2 is released and causes the pellet to move forward. It is one of the most sought after air rifle due to its high accuracy; it has a consistent shot to shot basis, which is convenient for repeated shooting. It is not one of the most powerful types of air gun.