One of the most important accessories when using AR-15 is the flashlight; it plays a crucial role in enabling you to achieve the best visibility. Consequently, with the best AR-15 flashlights you have the best time firing your equipment. Below are some of the best brands to choose from. 5 best ar 15 flashlight.

Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 Flashlight Solidly built but still lightweight (it weighs 4.2 ounces) this flashlight provides an outstanding performance. It measures 3.4 by 1.4 by 1.8 inches and hence is attractively compact. An aircraft aluminum barrel, coupled with glass lens, atop the bulb, collectively provides top-of-the-range TIR optic. The flashlight creates a concentrated beam featuring top-quality peripheral illumination. The optic traverses 800-lumen C4 LED bulb producing 12,000-candela peak. The bulbs, therefore, provide bright light for a commendable duration.



SureFire M600 Scout With 600 Lumens and 2X CR123A-battery that deliver 1.5 hours of use, M600 is definitely worth your purchase. It is also ruggedly built and weighs in at a mere 5.6 Oz. Its lumen range lies right at the middle of the entire brightness range which makes the flashlight good for outdoors use at night without being totally blinding when you are using it indoors. The center beam is also exceptionally bright and as such, you can still easily see objects in your peripheral.

InForce WMLx Weaponlight, Generation 2 InForce WMLx is a tactical flashlight features a switch and hence is easy to operate. An included rail clamp makes mounting a breeze. Its 500 Lumens comes in handy for a broad range of applications in diverse settings. The optics form an impressive beam as the light exits the unit. The model is also affordable, easy to mount on the gear and boasts of a wide spot. The broad view range not only provides the best visibility but also minimize making mistakes when using your weapon.

Monstrum Tactical 90-Lumens LED Flashlight This flashlight is compact, it measures 3.7 inches long, and lightweight at 4 ounces. The miniature construction means you can mount it on any weapon, from the light varieties to the huge home-defense handguns. It also uses the readily available 2CR123. An On/OFF switch and a detachable pressure switch complete what is otherwise impressive light. While the 90 Lumens may appear less, the white glass at the background creates a strong beam that will allow you to clearly see targets at a distance.

SureFire X300 WeaponLights SureFire X300 is yet another high-performance weapon from a reputable brand. The good thing with settle for products from top brands is you are assured of quality and durability. This model fits virtually all firearms currently available. It is remarkably easy to use, thanks to its unique ambidextrous switching capabilities. Regardless of whether you are left handed or right handed you will find this flashlight comfortable to use. Its switch even comes with the alternative to use it with constant or momentary switching. The TIR lens enables it to deliver impressive precision. Conclusion Your ultimate AR-15 light should be compatible with your gun, capable of delivering the brightness you need and easy to mount. The 5 best AR 15 flashlight models above versatile and as such do not disappoint in all these aspects. So, identify one that fits your budget and you will have a nice experience using it.