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  • It’s “Independence Day,” NOT “The Fourth of July” & The Price Our Founding Fathers Paid
  • China Confirms Hypersonic Missile Test Defense Ministry says weapon not directed at U.S. (Yeah right and I have oceanfront property in Arizona to sell ya!)
  • One for your prepper book library: “The Knowledge: How to Rebuild our World from Scratch”
  • The Prepper and the Preacher – some preachers preparing their flock for Russian attack, tsunamis, and other disasters! Listen on Rick “The Survivalist
  • Drones For Security
  • Japan Scientists: High radiation levels near West Coast of U.S.A. after Fukushima disaster — Almost 30 Bq/m3 of cesium offshore!
  • China Warns that War (with U.S.A.) is Inevitable
  • Weld your own AR-15 receiver from Flat Spot
  • The Secret (still communist) Russian Role in Global Conflict -Russian trained assets in ISIS, funding environmentalists to stop U.S. oil/gas fracking
  • $30 Geiger Counter for Android/IPhone – Works! (on Android) – Smart Geiger
  • Practical Tips and Advice on Flood Protection & Recovery
  • US Power Grid Attacked Every 4 Days; Nationwide Blackout More Likely Than We Thought
  • You Might be a Gun Criminal if…
  • Casey Betzold of Team Never Quit & Snake River Shooting Products Explains What Frangible Ammunition Is and Is Not
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Leroy Thompson
One of the top gun writers in the world, reviews the
Steyr AUG for Survival
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