• A Brief Canadian Gun Law Review & a new M-16/AR-15-type Magazine Adapter for the SKS from Canada!
  • Making Garlic Powder
  • 5 Things the Bible Can Teach Us about Preparedness
  • Russia’s Chechnya Reveals The Kremlin’s Future U.S. Invasion Plans by Threatening to Arm Mexican Radicals to Retake the Southwest if U.S. Arms Ukraine
  • What is "Gun Violence?"
  • What’s Up with Wind: Your Small Scale Wind Energy Questions Answered
  • Strapped Americans Headed for “Civil Unrest and Riots,” With Poor Spending 60% on Bare Essentials
  • Secrets of a Survivalist Radio Show with Rick Austin - Oath Keepers: The Last Guardians of the Republic and the Constitution?
  • The U.S. Has No Defense Against A Russian Nuclear Attack. Really.
  • Pack that .308 MSR! The Take-Down M762 by DRD Tactical
  • Raising Ducks for Preppers
  • The Biggest Threat to Our Rights – Amnesty
  • The XM42 flamethrower commercial flamethrower!
  • Moscow Prepares for War
  • X-Products developing Net & Grappling Hook Launchers for AR-15 lower receivers!
  • North Korea says it could make "pre-emptive strike" on US
  • If You Are Not Thinking Tactically You Are Not A Survivalist
  • How to build an efficient fire using a single log – the Swedish Fire Torch
  • Russian analyst urges nuclear attack on Yellowstone National Park and San Andreas fault line!
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Leroy Thompson
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